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Made with love

Do you suffer from bloating and tummy discomfort after eating?
What about headaches and fatigue?

Maybe you just want to find some yummy, gluten-free substitutes that you can trust.

Hey I’m Denise and I’m here to put some joy back into your gluten-free pantry! 
Trust me when I say I know how dire the gluten free market is here in Australia. We are so limited for gluten-free options when shopping and eating out. I mean, it’s a pretty common health complaint nowadays, so you’d think everyone would get with the program!?

Alas, they have not. And after my own coeliac diagnosis a few years back, I got sick of taste testing a string of mediocre gluten-free products, trying to find substitutes for my favourite foods. Alarmingly, many of these were often chock-a-block full of poor quality ‘fillers’ or considered to be manufactured at ‘contaminated’ facilities. I decided to take matters into my own hands; I am a certified Nutritionist and cook after all, some would say I was born for this. 

Providing only the best

Which brings me to the birth of my brain child: ‘Yummee Gluten Free’. As the name suggests, you won’t find bland, cardboard-tasting gluten free products here. Taste is paramount to me and I know it is to you too. We sensitive coeliacs shouldn’t have to compromise on this because of our diagnosis. What’s more, Yummee gluten free uses only the highest quality ingredients ensuring you consume only what is nourishing to the body. We do our part for the environment too and use only biodegradable packaging and small batch orders to minimise food waste.

So put some joy back in your pantry and adopt our Yummee Gluten Free range today!

X Denise

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