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Organic Pizza Base Mix 210g

This mix is simple to prepare and cooks up to a crunchy, tasty, and nutritious pizza the whole family will love.

Made using Australian raw ingredients

Yummee Gluten Free Pizza Base Mix contains whole grain, real food ingredients that have been milled from the freshest Australian ingredients. Buckwheat is a traditionally used food in many cultures. The flavour is quite strong so I have used a few other ingredients to temper the flavour and boost up the nutrients. As Yummee Gluten Free Pizza Base Mix is made from real, whole food, it keeps you full and satisfied. You can see the sunflower, flaxseeds, and herbs in the mix!

No added sweetener

There's no sugar or any sweetener added to our Pizza Base Mix. This is important to me as many other products on the market are full of sugar or sweeteners. I do not want my children’s diet confounded with more sugars or sweetens. Yummee Gluten Free Pizza Base Mix is also low FODMAP. All other pizza base mixes I have seen in the market contain, corn – another very high allergen, lupin, coconut, or banana flour. These are high FODMAPs. I wanted to create a quality, whole food, and low FODMAP product.

Yummee Gluten Free Pizza Base Mix is very easy to make. Everyday pantry items only are needed to create delicious food in next to no time.


*Arrowroot flour, *Brown rice flour, *Basmati rice, *Millet flour, *Buckwheat flour, *Flaxseed, Sunflower seeds, *Dried yeast, Dried mixed herbs, *Sea salt. *Certified organic ingredients. Yummee Gluten Free Pizza Base Mix is made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.


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